1. Feb 2013 - 
    "Altera to Build Next
    Generation, High-Performance FPGAs on Intel’s 14 nm Tri-Gate Technology"

  2. Feb 2015 - 
    "Xilinx Stays a Generation
    Ahead at 16nm with New Memory, 3D-on-3D, and Multi-Processing SoC Technologies"

  3. Keeping on top of Cutting Edge Technology...

  4. Feb 2015 - 
    "Samsung announces mass
    production of Industry's first 14nm FinFET Mobil Application Processors"

Services to Cover the Entire Design Flow

High Speed Digital Design in the 21st Century...

In keeping with the Semiconductor Roadmap, 14nm devices are emerging, and, already at demo stage, 10nm process is on the horizon. 

It is well known that silicon technologies allow for complex systems comprising of millions of gates to be implemented within a few cm2 of PCB.  The fact this astonishing feat has been accepted as general knowledge for some time now speks volumes about where technology has now evolved to.

With such continuing rapid advances in technology, it is important to ensure the right resources are in place to address the design challenges faced when bringing a product to market.

Outsourcing can be an ideal solution that can aid company expansion by enabling time schedules to be met whilst cost, risk and pressure are reduced.

   Providing know how in:

  • Target Technology Selection​

  • Requirement Generation and Validation

  • RTL Debug and Implementation​

  • Test Specification Generation and Implementation​​​

  • Gate Level Analysis / Timing Closure

  • Design Documentation / Test Report Generation

  • Hardware Test and Debug



Leverage The Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Boost Your Time To Market:
You may have enough in-house resource and knowledge, but it may not be enough to beat your competitor.  That extra resource during the develepmont phase could be what gets your product to market fastest.

  • Relieve Project Pressures:
The burden of project mangement can be eased by outsourcing work that can be managed externally.  The strain created when a bottleneck is reached or as deadlines approach can be elimnated, creating breathing space and improving productivity.

  • Independant Design:
By outsourcing you can ensure independancy from other design and verification teams while benefiting from having fresh eyes brought to the table.  This can be invaluable for early detection of issues which could cause major disruption at later dates.

  • No Training Costs: 
The training of staff in specialised areas can be time consuming and costly with steep learning curves for both the tools and core design skills.  Harnessing outside experience can eliminate the risk whilst also being the most cost effective solution.

  • No Permanent Staff Costs:
Hiring permanent staff can be expensive, incurring many costs from NI contributions to pensions, maternity/paternity leave, sick/holiday pay and more.  If there is a potential dip in the workload, then this is a big risk that could be eleminated by outsourcing.

  • A Fixed Price NRE:
Whether outsourcing as part of and ongoing multi-resource large scale project, or working on small sub blocks or 1-off designs, fixed pricing can be easily managed within a budget and can reduce risk due no unforseen or spiraling costs.

  • The Benefit of Experience
The number of respins required due to lack of experience and the time lost from not using an experienced engineer can seriously effect the NRE costs.  This worry is eliminated by outsourcing to a specialist who is commited to meeting expectations